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Wooden Toy Vehicles - Trucks, Car, Bus and Tractor / Push Car

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Time to go for a drive! If you choose a mix of vehicles that includes a mix of colours, I will default the truck to blue for “little blue truck” set ups, the bus to yellow, and the tractor to green. 

These toy vehicles are designed and produced completely in house made out of solid or cherry maple hardwood and sealed with a non toxic food safe sealer. They are sanded buttery smooth and perfect for little hands. Each one is made to order, giving you the option for personalization as well.

These wooden toy cars make amazing gifts for children as well as add a decorative touch to a nursery or playroom. 

Vehicles range from 2 -4 inches tall and 6 inches long, plus the wheels which add an inch on either side and in height. 


Please check regularly for wear & tear and/or damages. Please do not leave your child unattended while playing with wood toys. Thank you for your support!

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