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Wooden Rainbow Mushrooms

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These are the perfect little mushrooms for colour sorting. Pair them with other toys in our hand dyed line up to practice color matching too. Or — have some imaginary play and have these mushrooms crawling around a little village.

Use other wood toys in our lineup to make your little imaginary play setting such as the trees, ladybugs, rainbows and peg dolls.

Help your little one learn colour recognition while practicing fine motor skills. Your little one will love playing with these colored mushrooms! . This set pairs beautifully with other toys in our lineup. This set is good for colour sorting, shape identification, pincer grasp, counting, stacking, hand-eye coordination — the list goes on. Plus it is great for imaginary play. My daughter likes sorting the colours, playing with them with her peg dolls and trees, and even playing with them with her play food. She plays with them in her “kitchen”.

These mushrooms are hand dyed in food safe water colours.  The clearcoat is also water-based and non-toxic.

Each Set comes with:
🌿 10 mushrooms — approximately 1-3/4”
🌿 1 Drawstring bag for on the go

This set is not meant for children who are still mouthing their toys.

Suggested ages 3 and up - but you know your child best. This is not intended for any children that are still mouthing their toys. Once the toys have left our hands, the purchaser accepts full responsibility & liability for all AW & Co. toys.

Please check regularly for wear & tear and/or damages. Please do not leave your child unattended while playing with wood toys. Thank you for your support!

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