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Cupcake Plate / Sensory Tray

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To wash, simply clean your plates the same as you would a wood cutting board. Never submerge in water or put in the dishwasher.

Cupcake is approximately 8.5 x 12”

Indulge your child's senses with our delightful Cupcake Sensory Tray. Crafted from premium wood, this tactile playset is designed to ignite creativity and learning through play. The charming cupcake shape adds a whimsical touch to sensory exploration, providing a multi-sensory experience for little learners. Watch as they engage in imaginative play, enhancing fine motor skills and cognitive development. Perfect for homeschooling and play-based learning, this wooden sensory tray is a sweet addition to any educational toolkit. Discover a world of sensory delight with our Cupcake Sensory Tray – where play meets learning in the most delightful way!
- Cupcake Sensory Tray
- Wooden Sensory Play
- Imaginative Learning
- Tactile Playset
- Creative Play
- Fine Motor Skills
- Cognitive Development
- Play-Based Learning
- Homeschooling
- Sensory Exploration
- Educational Toolkit
- Whimsical Design

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