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Whimsical 3D House Plate / Sensory Tray

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This delightful tray is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, resembling a charming miniature house, inviting both children and adults to explore its wonders.

Inside the house-shaped tray, you can use an array of sensory treasures that stimulate the senses and inspire creativity. Soft, textured fabrics, smooth wooden shapes, and sensory rice and other elements create a delightful tactile experience.

As you run your fingers along the edges of the tray, you'll notice the smooth, rounded curves, ensuring a safe and comfortable grip for little hands, allowing your child's imagination to soar wherever they roam.

Whether you're seeking a gift that sparks curiosity or a tool to aid developmental growth, our house-shaped wooden sensory tray is a captivating addition to any playtime adventure. Come and explore the wonders of sensory play at our store, where joy, learning, and enchantment meet in perfect harmony.

To wash, simply clean your plates the same as you would a wood cutting board. Never submerge in water or put in the dishwasher.

-approximately 8.75x11.75”

Let your imagination run wild with these sensory trays! Combine with other educational and learning activities to create a fun and focused play time! I love to have my afternoon coffee and watch my littles play with these sensory activities.

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