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Volcano Stacker

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Stacking, nesting and building helps to stimulate reasoning skills; which in turn, helps to build up your child’s problem solving skills.

The natural feel of wood will stimulate both young as well as older children. When not nested, kids can use the arches as bridges, tunnels, fences, and any number of unique imaginative creations. The volcano can be telescoped and stacked in a variety of creative ways. The pieces can be used together or individually as dino caves, bridges, tunnels, seesaws, fences, houses, or cradles. The possibilities are boundless! With so many uses for this heirloom-quality volcano stacker — this is a toy that will accompany your child for a long time; and will surely be rediscovered many times along the way.

This adorable natural stacker is the perfect wood toy for your little one’s hands. It helps teach hand eye coordination, balance, and concentration. Learn to pinch and grab, cause and effect all in one game. It is also super cute on the eyes, and makes for the perfect nursery decor. It comes with a drawstring bag for you to pop in your purse or diaper bag. This makes it perfect for waiting rooms, restaurants — you name it. These would also be perfect for a daycare or preschool toy.

These are hand finished with a beeswax based food safe oil.

Each Set comes with
🌿 One 6 pc volcano stacker
🌿 One drawstring carrying bag  
Volcano is approx 22cm wide, 15cm tall and 4cm deep/thick

This stacker is super fun paired with our dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 !!!!! 

Suggested ages 3 & up but it looks great as decor until then!! (but you know your child best!)

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Please check regularly for wear & tear and/or damages. Please do not leave your child unattended while playing with wood toys.

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