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Twenty Frame Sensory Tray — No Rectangle

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Original Design to awandco

Aside from loose parts, we recommend pairing it with dry erase or wooden alphabet discs. 

Our twenty frame will hold our mini alphabet discs, 10 of our acrylic gems in one hole — and it also fits all 3 sizes of sorting eggs. It also fits felt strawberries, bugs, watermelon, flowers, hearts, and much much more. Each hole is 1.375” in diameter (the same size as our 10 frame) which gives lots of opportunities for loose parts to use in math. The dry erase discs are 1.1”. 

To wash, simply clean your plates the same as you would a wood cutting board. Never submerge in water or put in the dishwasher. Twenty Frame is approximately 8.4 x 9” — each hole is 1.375” 

A twenty frame can be a versatile educational tool and has various practical uses, especially in teaching mathematics and fostering creativity. Here are some of the best uses:

Math Education
• Counting and Number Sense - Helps children visualize numbers up to 20, making it easier to understand concepts of addition, subtraction, and number patterns.
• Place Value - Assists in teaching the concept of tens and ones.
• Subitizing - Allows students to quickly recognize the number of objects in a small group without counting.
• Composing and Decomposing Numbers - Aids in understanding how numbers can be broken down and combined in different ways.

Games and Activities
• Bingo - Use the frame for a customized bingo game, marking numbers as they are called.
• Memory Match - draw numbers, letters or objects on the dry erase discs, and place them the frame for a memory matching game.
• Board Games - Incorporate the frame as part of a homemade board game for moving pieces or scoring.

Arts and Crafts
• Pattern Making - Create visual patterns using beads, buttons, or coloured discs placed within the frame.
• Sorting and Categorizing - Use the frame to organize small craft items by colour, size, or type.

Classroom Management
• Attendance - Use the frame to keep track of students' attendance by placing a marker for each student present.
• Behaviour or Chore Chart - Implement a reward system where students earn tokens placed in the frame for good deeds.

Sensory Play — our favourite!!   
• Tactile Learning - Fill the frame with different textured materials (e.g., sand, beans, rice) for sensory exploration.
• Sorting Sensory Items - Use the frame to organize small sensory items for easy access and play.

• Storage - Use the frame to neatly store and display small items such as jewelry, office supplies, or hardware.
• Visual Schedule - Display a visual schedule or sequence of activities by placing pictures or cards in the frame slots.

These uses maximize the functionality of a twenty frame, making it a valuable tool for both educational purposes and everyday organization.

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