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Live Edge Wooden Tray

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These Live Edge Wood Slices have been clear coated both sides as well as a bit extra on the bark edges. They are perfect for a simple play tray for play dough etc. They are not considered food safe. 

Most of them are basswood with the medium rectangles being birch. *some of them photographed look darker than others because they have been clearcoated whereas I haven’t clear coated the lighter ones yet* the birch is a slightly lighter wood though :)  

Please note that sizes are approximate as each wood slice is slightly different and no two are the same. 

Small Ovals are approximately 7 x 8.5” or larger
Small Rectangles are approximately 7 x 8.5” or larger
Medium Rectangles are approximately 6.5 x 12” 
Large Ovals are approximately 9 x 14” or larger
Extra Large Rectangle is approximately 10.5 x 13”

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