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“I made this for you mama” wood sign to display children’s artwork

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I made this for you mama! It’s what my daughter always said to me when she brought me a piece of her artwork. There is nothing like the look on your little one’s face when they see you hang up a piece of their art. They feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment!!!

Details :

5.5 inches high by 24, 30, 36 inches long with beautiful 3D acrylic lettering. It comes with sturdy, metal clips that are screwed into the board. The clothspins on our old one broke pretty quickly, so we used metal for our new style board. The board is stained or painted in your choice of finish. It can say anything you would like it to. “We” or “I” made this for you , Look what I/we made — anything is available. To customize your sign — Please write your design notes in the personalization details area.

Thank you 🥰

Each sign is made in house in our small family shop. Everything is cut in house — Each piece is hand sanded and hand painted with love. They are not mass produced and may have small perfect imperfections. We feel these perfect imperfections add to the beauty and uniqueness of your sign.

© AW & Co. 2021 © All rights reserved by artist. No transfer of rights is implied with the purchase of an AW & Co. listing. Each item is an original design by AW & Co. and is not to be reproduced.