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House Plate / Sensory Tray

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House Tray!!!!! A simple shape we all learned in childhood — made from a square and a triangle (and a rectangle for the chimney!). This basic, familiar house shape can start off conversations about how children can see shapes in every day objects. Being able to identify basic shapes and how they relate to one another is the foundation for learning early math and geometry.  This house consists of a square, triangle and rectangle. Can you build it yourself with some basic shapes?! 

House Plate is approximately 7” x 6” 

To wash, simply clean your plates the same as you would a wood cutting board. Never submerge in water or put in the dishwasher.

They are also great for sensory play. With so many fun shapes, they are perfect to add into your different themed sensory studies. Butterflies for a butterfly life cycle study — the moon or star for outer space — the star also doubles as a starfish, pair it with the shark for your ocean themed sensory play.

The possibilities are endless. My daughter loves having snack time with her unicorn plate.


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