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Flisat Table Top Insert for Base 10 Blocks, White Acrylic is Dry Erasable, Double Sided - Plain Wood on Opposite Side

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BASE 10 Blocks are NOT INCLUDED.

These Flisat inserts/table tops are made to fit the Trofast / Flisat bins. They are designed to fit Learning Resources base 10 blocks (available on Amazon or similar). The squares on the insert are 4 inches in size, fitting base 10 blocks are typically around 10cm. The white is dry erasable to make your learning experience easier and all in one spot. Pictured here with our tinker tray that also fits into the flisat bin. The bottom of the insert is a solid wood table top, making it a 2 in 1.

Made from premium acrylic or premium Maple Plywood which is fused together with food safe soy materials and not formaldehyde. 

A note about wood : wood is prone to warping under high or low temperatures and moisture levels. The wood used for these inserts has a water-resistant composition which has a higher moisture tolerance than panels made with formaldehyde and is less likely to warp. Regardless of this, we cannot guarantee that each and every insert remains completely flat due to changes in environment. If you find your insert isn’t as flat as you’d like, you can try spraying the bottom with a very light amount of water and putting the board under some heavy items to help flatten it out. 

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