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Educational Wood Toy Bundle - Intro to Numbers & Early Math

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Would you prefer Natural or Painted Bowls?

I’m so excited to introduce this new wooden toy bundle to you guys. This is designed to help your kiddos learn some early counting, numbers, colour sorting, pattern recognition — the list goes on.

You get our original counting 1-10 ladybugs, coordinating matching bowls (also available unpainted but this is excellent for colour recognition), and 55 wooden discs — enough to count 1-10 and visualize the numbers all at once!!

Pictured here I have some early math and pattern recognition. We put the 1 dotted bug down and matched up 1 disc. Then I put the 4 dotted 🐞 down and we put down 4 wood discs in the same pattern. Finally, I put down the 5 dotted bug and we matched up that pattern too. But wait — did you notice? If we put the 1 disc in the middle of the 4 discs — it makes the same pattern as the 5 🐞 did. Boom! Some sneaky early counting and addition.

Encourage your kiddos to match up the patterns on the 🐞 with their wood discs. Or — find the matching coloured bowl, count the dots, and fill the bowl with the amount of discs needed.

I see so many learning activities possible with this bundle. As well as free and imaginative play. Maybe the discs are coin currency, little cookies, ingredients for a stew to serve their dollies in bowls. Stack the bowls up as high as you can — or try and stack all 55 discs! Is it possible?! Play with the bugs in a fun play scene. Get some coordinating trees and peg men for a full set to play with.

Come back for more learning ideas with this bundle!


Not intended for children still mouthing their toys.
Suggested ages 3 & up (but you know your child best!)

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