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Dinosaur Skeleton/Bones Puzzles

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Dinosaur Bone Puzzles! Use them for regular puzzles, dino digs, in your dinosaur play set ups - the options are endless. Hide the bones in some sensory sand, and have your kiddos dig them out with tweezers or other sensory tools. Looking for something a little more tricky for your older kiddo? Dump the bones from all 5 dinosaurs in at once and challenge them to see how fast they can do it. Due to some of the bones being small in size, this is definitely meant for older kiddos who are no longer mouthing their toys.

— Made of Maple Plywood which is fused together with food safe soy materials and not formaldehyde. 
— Made with 2 layers of 0.20” material. 
— Dinosaurs range in size from 11x23cm, 18x18cm, 10x22cm, 17x18cm, and 15x24cm
— Skeleton Pieces range in size from 1x1.5cm to 8x13cm. 
— Comes in a set of 5
-Recommended Ages 3+

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