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Custom Wood Blocks - 2 Inch

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Order yours by choosing the number of blocks from the drop down menu, and leaving a message during your purchase with what you would like written on the blocks, letters & images. There is a “personalization details ” when you purchase. If you would like to order one or two of our animal silhouettes with your child's name, add 1 or 2 to the total quantity of "letters" with your purchase, and specify which animals you would like along with the spelling of your child's name.

A classic learning  wood toy, wood alphabet blocks help improve motor skills and hand eye coordination. They are also the perfect baby gift; these wood blocks will help children learn to play by stacking and knocking over the blocks as they grow up. Personalized with your child's name, these custom wood blocks/baby name blocks can also be a great learning tool for your child to learn how to spell their name. These natural wood toys are sourced from North America, and will be a cherished and long lasting toy for generations to come.

Our blocks are a little larger than a lot that are available on the market. Each block is 2 inches square. They are sanded by hand to smooth out the edges, and each letter is hand drawn and hand burned onto the wood block. I do not use any stencils or stamps in my process. The burning tool and wood blocks are completely non toxic, and are finished with an FDA approved, certified Kosher Natural Non-Toxic Wood Oil.


BLOCKS!!! Some things to know:
➡️ BIGGER : the blocks I buy are TWO inches in size. This is bigger than almost all of the handmade blocks I have seen on the market (especially locally). Typically most vendors sell 1.5 inch (or smaller) blocks, which are less than HALF the price to buy compared to my 2 inch blocks. If you've ever thought my blocks may be priced high —> this is why. These are my least profitable item, but I honestly love them and I love having bigger sizes for little toddler hands (and they're bigger to see for decoration)
➡️ DONE BY HAND: I sand each and every block by hand. I sand all of the sharp edges and corners, and make them all smooth for your little ones. So much time and love goes into each and every one.
➡️ DRAWN BY HAND: each letter & image is HAND drawn. I do not use a stamping tool or anything of the sort. They are all drawn with a pencil by yours truly, and then burned with a wood burning tool.
➡️ HAND OILED : each block is then oiled by hand, with a non toxic beeswax oil that is both FDA approved and Kosher friendly.

These personalized blocks also make an excellent gift for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas or even an Easter basket stuffer.

---A word from the Artist:
Each image is drawn by hand. Because of this, our artwork may have some 'perfect imperfections'. Every piece of wood is unique. Each item is individually made by us and not mass-produced. Please remember this when placing your order. Being 100% handmade, no two will ever be the 'exact' same. Thank you for allowing us to create works of art for your home. Everything is made from the heart

Suggested ages 3 and up - but you know your child best. Once the toys have left our hands, the purchaser accepts full responsibility & liability for all AW & Co. toys.

Please check regularly for wear & tear and/or damages. Please do not leave your child unattended while playing with wood toys. Thank you for your support!

© AW & Co. 2017 © All rights reserved by artist. No transfer of rights is implied with the purchase of an AW & Co. listing. Each toy is an original design by AW & Co. and is not to be reproduced.