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Painted Wooden Growth Chart

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Please note that our growth charts are 7.5 inches wide, which is about 2 inches wider than a lot of growth charts on the market. The price reflects the extra width; which gives you both more room —  as well as makes more of an impact to your space than the thinner growth charts do.  

Personalized wooden growth charts hand painted and made to order!! Have a swipe through the photos to see various samples.

Multiple stain and paint options are available to match your home.
Personalization options are available.

Names are placed along the side of the growth chart. If you want it along the top, it would be only hand painted, and not 3D.

Each chart measures 6 feet tall by roughly 7.5 inches wide. The board is high quality (not craftsman) pine and the 3D parts are 1/4” high quality MDF.


Shipping large items such as a growth chart that is 6 foot long can be very expensive. Canada post charges a $20 oversized fee right off the bat and that does not include any of the actual shipping charge, that is just a fee for the size. Please keep this in mind when the shipping charge calculates in your cart —  many of the times we pay additional funds out of pocket.   

For the safest hanging — we would suggest you screw through the top and bottom into a stud in your wall. This keeps it from being pulled off of the wall onto themselves — such as when using a nail. If you put on just a nail, you also risk the chance of it moving around when stood up against. If you prefer not to drill into the wall — I suggest 3M velcro strips which can also be used as a great hanging option and are easily removable afterwards.

Each sign is made in house in our small family shop. Everything is cut in house — Each piece is hand sanded and hand painted with love. They are not mass produced and may have small perfect imperfections. We feel these perfect imperfections add to the beauty and uniqueness of your sign.

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